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The origins of the 'Cream Legbar' trace back to the 1920's when Clarence Elliott, who was touring the world at the time collecting rare plants, brought back three hens and a cockerel from Patagonia to Stow-on-the-Wold in 1927.

The unfortunate cockerel didn't survive the journey and is reported to have been eaten as a meal by mistake.

The hens were studied at Cambridge University in 1930 by professor R.C. Punnett who was an expert in poultry genetics. He then crossbred these Patagonian chickens with 'Brown Leghorns', 'Barred Plymouth Rocks' & 'Araucana' resulting in the 'Cream Legbar'.

Further ensuing offspring were eventually used to develop another breed the 'Cotswold Legbar'. These are hybrid birds that are not recognised as pure breed by the poultry club of Great Britain.

The 'Cream Legbar' lays the most beautiful powder blue coloured egg. A few cream legbars will lay an olive green egg but the purest strains will lay blue and around 180 a year, this could be due to their 'leghorn' ancestry. Cream Legbars are an auto-sexing breed, which enables you to tell the sex at a day old.

The females have a defined stripe down their back, whereby the males have a much fainter stripe down the back and a light patch that covers the head, the male down is also much paler.

In both sexes the beak is yellow, eyes orange or red, comb, face and wattles red. Ear lobes are pure opaque white or cream and legs and feet yellow.

The addition of this chicken to your flock is a must, as to have the variety of coloured eggs in your egg basket is a very pretty sight indeed and the eggs have been reported to be lower in cholesterol too! A delightful hen to watch in your back yard.

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